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A Good Educational Reference Course of God, Communion of God's Presence, Truth, Spirit, Heart, Holy Bible, Fundamental Doctrines, Love: A Good Study w (Paperback)

A Good Educational Reference Course of God, Communion of God's Presence, Truth, Spirit, Heart, Holy Bible, Fundamental Doctrines, Love: A Good Study w By Anthony Sheffield Cover Image
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An extra unique study of the Holy Trinity and their subjects; such as love, family things, truth, of personality & it's parts including the will, intention, desires, etc. This has extra accuracy to the studies and is evidence referenced for your own perception to make a personal decision. Marriage & divorce is proved as in no other study; and this includes the Old & New Testaments and what the differences are; and totally proved so that a person can make quality decisions with God. What is frequently unknown or unsure about marriage & divorce, because of differing and contrary Scriptures, is totally proven and complete in this study with every situation. The Holy Bible is proved as Elohim's words; with extra evidence to help your faith; and this includes the method that the Old Testament connects to nowadays. Economics of God is studied providing sure knowledge. Many detailed doctrines of God are studied and given knowledge that provides surety for helping you to build UP and not be doubtful, nor dogmatic. Communion fellowship with the Holy Trinity is continuously part of all studies; because they are the persons that are most needed for you. And methods for communion fellowship are given for examples. Elohim's presence is constantly aimed at; which is to help increase building you in such activity with Elohim. The names of God are studied with knowledge that helps to know what they truly are defined as. Truth is priority in this study because dogmatism is rejected and similarly are falsities. Faith is frequently unclear in many studies; but it is studied herein with total comprehension for the building of your connection to God; and it is studied as to the method that it connects to other related subjects; and as you know this is truly a help. Language and Knowledge are studied, and as connected to truth. The Sin Nature doctrine that is frequently promoted is proven to be a falsity; and with total evidence. This study is unique and has extra helps in every subject that is attended to; and it has subjects that are not found in other studies. Promises said by God in the Holy Bible are explained that are unknown or inaccurately interpreted; and methods of application are studied. The method that the Holy Bible & Holy Spirit function together is studied and total comprehension is accomplished. Hermeneutics is studied qualitatively. How to get God's guidance is proved. Laws of Evidence are studied and then increases knowledge in direct proportion.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780981725468
ISBN-10: 0981725465
Publisher: Anthony Sheffield
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2021
Pages: 710
Language: English