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Destined to Increase: Study Manual for Success (Paperback)

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Life as we know it is a mystery to many. Many have questioned where we came from, why are we here, is there a life after this life, is there really a God, and how may we have a better life and so on.

This book will address those questions. First of all, no one chooses to be born and to live here on the earth. We were born from a seed of a man through sexual intercourse with a female or some form of IVF (in-vitro fertilization). God wanted to have an unnumbered amount of children to call His very own.

This book was inspired to tell you that God is a real being, the Creator behind you being born, and the reason that you are reading this book now. Mankind, throughout the years, has gotten off course to why they were created and for what reason they were created. In the mist of things, mankind has lost their way and unapologetically has not been taught of their very existence or simply lack the knowledge of their existence and purpose here on earth.

I was inspired to encourage mankind around the world that God is real and has a plan and a purpose for their life, and that includes as many of us that will believe that they were destined to increase (physically, mentally, financially, and in relationships). Our days of wondering where we came from, why we are here, or if we are to have a better life are now over once we read and study this book, not once but as many times as it takes for us to believe that we were destined to increase now

Now I sense the calling of God saying, "It's not too late, it's not too late, it's not too late. From the beginning, you were destined to increase my children."

Product Details
ISBN: 9781098016913
ISBN-10: 1098016912
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: May 6th, 2020
Pages: 92
Language: English