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The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot: A Guide to Reading Your Tarot Cards and The Five-Card Pentagram Layout (Paperback)

The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot: A Guide to Reading Your Tarot Cards and The Five-Card Pentagram Layout Cover Image
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Tarot guidebooks are often either too complex and multilayered or too simple and general. Thus, these guides either give the seeker too much information or not enough advice. This guide presents a clear and focused interpretation of each card in the Tarot deck that provides the seeker with enough information to be useful and intriguing, but not too much information so that interpretations are overwhelming and perhaps not useful. This guidebook uses but is not limited to the five card pentacle layout. This Tarot divination method speaks to the present and near future in an immediate and comprehensive way. It uses a single card drawn from each suit of the Tarot deck then placed in the classic pentacle shape.

About the Author

Marv Machura is a writer, teacher, and performer. He, like many other musicians, has psychic abilities that he has practiced over his lifetime. His grandfather first opened the world of psychic vibrations by showing him how to find underground water by channeling the vibrations with a willow branch. Machura realized that he could see into the regular card deck at a young age and practiced this for many years with friends and family. He moved on to the Tarot deck when he started practicing as a professional psychic at farmers' markets and events around his hometown of Vernon, BC. As a student-centred classroom teacher, he has taught and transformed the lives of many thousands of students over his 35+ year career. He has also presented many conferences and published many articles on teaching and learning, Marshal McLuhan media ecology, and the transcendental, transformational nature of classroom experience. As a singer songwriter, he has released four CDs and many singles and continues to write, record, produce, and perform music. He is known as a neo-folk artist of Western Canada. He is also an engaging live performer who continues to perform at events, festivals, and concerts. He has performed for many thousands of people over his 40+ years as a professional singer, guitarist, and band leader. As a writer, Machura has published many articles, poems, and stories. He recently published a collection of poetry, Wonder, which explores those moments of miracle, transformation, and clarity that come to us when we see into the infinite. He currently lives in Vernon, British Columbia with his life partner, Brenda Fraser, their cat, Nahatik, and their dog, Cherie Amour. Visit for more information and to get in touch with the author.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781098386146
ISBN-10: 1098386140
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: July 30th, 2021
Pages: 190
Language: English