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How the Ghetto Got My Soul: A Harm City Book (Paperback)

How the Ghetto Got My Soul: A Harm City Book By James LaFond Cover Image
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The author gives a varied and insightful glimpse into a little known, and often less understood, segment of Postmodern America, the dwindling midsized city. The American ghetto has become an internal wilderness which incubates the worst aspects of postmodern life, and is rarely seen from a non-law enforcement perspective. How the Ghetto Got My Soul brings this often gray world to life.

About the Author

James is a full-time writer, part-time coach and part-time wage slave with an extensive history of brain trauma. He was born in 1963, has been involved in sanctioned and unsanctioned boxing since 1976, and co-founded Modern Agonistics with Chuck Goetz in 1998. Since then he has fought in over 600 stick fights and more than 200 machete duels, and is still able to tie his shoes. In 2012 alone, LaFond managed to write over 140 articles and 10 books; he has lately begun attributing this improbable creative output, as well as his troubling apolitical lack of social commitment, to his supposed extraterrestrial origin.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781503066427
ISBN-10: 1503066428
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 10th, 2014
Pages: 298
Language: English