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The Treasury of Knowledge: Book Six, Part Four: Systems Of Buddhist Tantra (Hardcover)

The Treasury of Knowledge: Book Six, Part Four: Systems Of Buddhist Tantra Cover Image
By Jamgon Kongtrul, Elio Guarisco (Translated by), Ingrid Mcleod (Translated by)
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In Tibetan religious literature, Jamgön Kongtrül's Treasury of Knowledge in ten books stands out as a unique, encyclopedic masterpiece embodying the entire range of Buddhist teachings as it was preserved in Tibet. The tantric path is often referred to as the indestructible way of secret mantra, the essence of which is the indestructible union of wisdom (the understanding of emptiness) and method (immutable great bliss). This volume sets forth the various systems that constitute this path, both those of the ancient tantra tradition and of the new tradition.

About the Author

Jamgön Kongtrül (1813–1899) was a versatile and prolific scholar. He has been characterized as a "Tibetan Leonardo" because of his significant contributions to religion, education, medicine, and politics.

Praise For…

"The Treasury of Knowledge excellently presents the entire corpus of the sutra and mantra traditions from the paths of the common sciences all the way up to the uncommon Great Perfection or Atiyoga, which is the culmination of the nine vehicles."—H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche

"Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Tayé was one of the leading scholars of the nineteenth century. He broke through sectarian constraints and achieved a deep understanding of the the different philosophical approaches in Tibet. I have no doubt that by studying Kongtrul's works readers will be inspired to emulate his great qualities of humility, dedication, patience, and nonsectarianism."—H.H. the Dalai Lama

"This crucial section of Jamgön Kongtrül's seminal masterpiece, The Treasury of Knowledge, will fill a long-standing critical gap in our understanding of Buddhist tantra. Never before has there been such a thorough and systematic exposition of the subject available in a Western language. Elio Guarisco and Ingrid McLeod have done an excellent job in translating this profound work to make it accessible to both scholars and practitioners. Finally we might know what we are doing!"—Sarah Harding

"A magnificent overview of the Vajrayana traditions of Tibet. . . Yet another jewel in the setting that is the expression of Kalu Rinpoche's intent—the complete English translation of The Treasury of Knowledge."—Chökyi Nyima

"Upon seeing the Treasury of Knowledge, the first Khyentse Rinpoche (a contemporary of Lodrö Thayé) said that it was so inclusive of all knowledge that it did not seem to be composed by a human being but must have been written through the blessing of the dakinis."—Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

"In his monumental Treasury of Knowledge, [Jamgön Kongtrül] presents a complete account of the major lines of thought and practice that comprise Tibetan Buddhism. . . . By studying Kongtrül's works, readers will be inspired to emulate his great qualities of humility, dedication, patience, and nonsectarianism."—The Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies

"A superb resource for advanced Buddhist practitioners students and scholars striving to better understand the wisdom and path to inner peace handed down through centuries."—The Bookwatch

"Jamgön Kongtrül is considered to be one of the great leaders of the nonsectarian movement in Tibetan Buddhism and his Treasury of Knowledge is considered to be one of the most important texts for reference and study in Tibetan Buddhism. Many Tibetan teachers have a compact edition of this monumental work in their travel bags in order to consult it again and again for detailed questions of all types, and not infrequently whole chapters serve as the basis for courses."—Cornelia Weishaar-Gunter

"With this publication, Elio Guarisco and Ingrid McLeod have contributed to the field of Buddhist and Tibetan studies an important and welcome translation. . . The sheer scope of Jamgön Kongtrül’s Treasury sets it apart from comparable works which have been previously translated into English. . . . An astoundingly rich text."—ARC: The Journal of the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University

"Systems of Buddhist Tantra is not just an advanced teaching or commentary, but a systematic textbook on how to define practice and teach the various tantras. Its likely readership comprises not only advanced students and scholars but Western lamas. . . . A gold mine of information. . . . It is also at times eloquent and moving. It is animated throughout by the motive of bringing beings to enlightenment, or rather of helping us to realize that we are already enlightened. . . . Unfold[s] to us the majestic sweep and depth of tantric learning one of the great riches of world culture."—Thar Lam
Product Details
ISBN: 9781559392105
ISBN-10: 155939210X
Publisher: Snow Lion
Publication Date: June 14th, 2005
Pages: 584
Language: English
Series: The Treasury of Knowledge