Cultivating Grace : Access Inner Peace, Clarity, and Joy on Your Spiritual Path [Card Deck] (Cards)

Cultivating Grace :  Access Inner Peace, Clarity, and Joy on Your Spiritual Path [Card Deck] By Miranda Macpherson Cover Image
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Based on the practice of ego relaxation, Cultivating Grace card deck is a guide to discovering the grace that is inherently within you and how to embody your noble qualities deeper into daily life. 

“Grace” is such a simple and beautiful word—just hearing or saying it can lighten your mood and inspire. Regardless of your spiritual background, grace evokes a felt sense of something subtle, yet substantial, which has always existed within yourself—in the background of your awareness and arising in your life’s transitions and transformations. But what, exactly IS grace, and more importantly, how do we gain access? 

Grace is the direct experience of Divine Presence coming alive from within you. It reconnects you to the source of real love, clarity, peace, strength, and joy. Grace is more available than you might think to help you live a life of spiritual depth, where it matters most, and allow you to radiate its benefits to your loved ones and community.   

This card deck and guidebook invite you to experience and work creatively with each of the four dimensions of grace: Grounding in Grace, Receiving the Blessings of Grace, Transforming Power of Grace, and Embodying Grace. Some cards help illuminate an obstacle, while others will invite you into reflective inquiries, meditations, and prayers that refine your consciousness so you can relax into the luminous presence at your core. Most importantly, each card contains skillful and compassionate practices to engage that are designed to facilitate experiencing and living your daily life from grace.

POWER OF GRACE: Practicing grace offers a multitude of benefits, such as increased mental well-being, happiness, and physical health; improved relationships; and increased optimism, spirituality, and altruism.

BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATED DESIGN: This card deck features 64 beautiful cards to guide you in cultivating an intentional grace practice with user-friendly prompts and stunning illustrations.

GUIDEBOOK INCLUDED: Deepen your practice with the accompanying 176-page guidebook, featuring suggestions for using the card deck and additional reflections on grace.

INSPIRING CONTENT: The card deck provides informative and inspirational prompts around grace, encouraging you to embark on their spiritual journey and offering an opportunity to dive deeper into your feelings and analyze your subconscious thought.

About the Author

Miranda Macpherson is an interfaith minister, spiritual teacher, and author who shares a feminine approach to surrender and nondual realization based on the practice she calls “Ego Relaxation.” Her wisdom and palpable transmission invite others to become more graceful human beings through inquiry, meditation, devotion, and psychological integration.
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ISBN: 9781647226602
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Publisher: Mandala Publishing
Publication Date: September 13th, 2022
Pages: 176
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