"Richard Eager" A Pilot's Story from Tennessee Eagle Scout to General Montgomery's "Flying Fortress" (Hardcover)

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A bet between WWII commanders. An Eagle Scout from Tennessee assigned to pilot one of the greatest leaders of the Allied Forces. This is the story of how young Captain Richard Evans became the B-17 "Flying Fortress" pilot for Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery, Commander of the British 8th Army, during missions throughout North Africa and Italy.

"Richard Eager is a compelling account by a remarkable man. Few bomber pilots in World War II flew as many missions and survived to tell the tale, which makes Colonel Richard E. Evans' story all the more extraordinary... It's a vivid, engaging and utterly fascinating memoir of an extraordinary and unquestionably unique wartime career." - James Holland, WWII Historian, Writer, and Broadcaster

Filled with humor and humility, Evans' recollections of cadet training, combat missions and experiences with the "top brass" provide a fascinating first-hand account of a World War II pilot in both the Mediterranean and Pacific Theaters of Operations. Woven throughout the chapters, Evans interrupts his personal narrative of war to recall pivotal childhood moments with friends and family and as a Boy Scout in the Smoky Mountains. Nicknamed for his over-eagerness as a cadet, "Richard Eager" shares his stories with great optimism for the future and poignant reflections on growing up.

This book includes a chronology of Colonel Evans' life milestones and WWII details, his own glossary of war terms defined with humor, an appendix filled with original family letters, historic V-Mail, award commendations and primary source documents that shed light on his personal and professional relationships, joys, and fears. Iconic, restored photographs of Tennessee boyhood years and WWII military planes and service, and original maps illustrating the countries over which Evans flew, add to the book's historical content. An epilogue summarizing Colonel Evans' Strategic Air Command service after WWII is also included.

100% of profits from the sale of the "Richard Eager" book are donated to the Air Force Aid Society, the Air Force non-profit organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in support of Air Force members and families.

2023 Independent Press Award winner in Military Nonfiction

2022 Indie Book Award Silver Medal winner in both Autobiography/Biography and Military

2022 American Book Fest finalist in Military

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