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An Evening at the Hotel: An Affair in 51 Rooms (Paperback)

An Evening at the Hotel: An Affair in 51 Rooms Cover Image
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Two co-workers, long attracted but never acted. Over the years, he's only spoon-fed her details of his private life. Despite their easy rapport, even with all their playful and thrilling banter, most of his true feelings remain beyond her grasp. She can't quite tell if he's intrigued by her, or just mildly amused. Does her attention please him, or is he used to fawning female company, and so ambivalent to hers? Does he count her among his blessings or among his worries? Does he ever take her out of the context of their work relationship, or does he just take her for granted as both a colleague and a woman?

They've been at arms length for years. Now they're in a hotel elevator, filled with passionate curiosity and about to show each other their true selves. And in doing so, discover more than they thought possible.

Why tonight? she wondered. What changed? What made it happen?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734551846
ISBN-10: 1734551844
Publisher: Suanne Laqueur, Author
Publication Date: January 31st, 2020
Pages: 102
Language: English