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Spiritual Enlightenment: The Spiritual Keys to Awakening Your True Self Within Your False Self (Paperback)

Spiritual Enlightenment: The Spiritual Keys to Awakening Your True Self Within Your False Self Cover Image
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Do you feel stuck on your life's journey?

Have your been on the search for The Spiritual Keys to Unlock & Unmask Your True Self and True Potential.....Confirmed Deep Within Confines of Your Soul?

Has Your False/Lower Self lead you to Trap door after Trap Door in search of bringing your true potential to full bloom?
It's no coincidence that the higher power has lead you to this guide....... So you can Finally begin YOUR JOURNEY toward living a life full of Bliss, Peace, Clarity of Your Life's True Purpose.

Read this Carefully......
Give Me Five Days ----- And I'll Give You
The Secret of Mastering ..... Spiritual Enlightenment

This guide covers a wide array of fascinating aspects about spiritual enlightenment and awakening, such as living consciously: the way out of pain, third eye awakening, who are you really? Are you your mind? And so much more. Some of the issues discussed in this guide reflect on the everyday challenges that we face in life. For instance, we all suffer the burden of living with pain without ever finding time to live happily. In addition, we are often blinded by our quest for material things.

It is by reading this book that you will understand that your quest for material things will only lead to temporary happiness. The reality of the matter is that true happiness comes from within. This happiness can only be attained by first knowing who you truly are.

People have spent decades looking for light in the darkness. It is time that you wake up from your sleep and realize that you are not your mind. Undeniably, the time to break away from your mind is now. Some exciting topics to look forward to in this manual include:

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Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover...In this step-by-step book:
This book will not only thoroughly go over all the skills, people, and steps involved in Mastering Spiritual Enlightenment, it will also look closely at: - You are not your mind
- Awakening and enlightenment explored
- Portals into the unmanifested
- Kill the Buddha
- Right here, right now
- Feelings and emotions; understanding the difference
- And so much more
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Product Details
ISBN: 9781950766895
ISBN-10: 1950766896
Publisher: Tribe Metrics
Publication Date: November 9th, 2019
Pages: 142
Language: English