Dark Psychology: Influence People And Become A Leader (Paperback)

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Have you ever wondered why you let yourself be guided and influenced by people you know are not good? Have you ever wanted to know how to avoid toxic relationships and manipulative people? Have you ever contemplated why certain people act the way they do? Have you ever felt your skin crawl because you knew someone was up to something, but you couldn't say what?

Even if you've never read a psychology book before, you'll easily master dark psychology with this beginner-friendly, actionable guide. Just start carefully observing the people around you and applying the strategies you'll find in this book, and soon you'll feel your superpowers grow

Inside this book, you will uncover these abilities and learn how to use them to best effect, with chapters that cover:

  • The dark triad and its effect on the human consciousness
  • Different types of mind control
  • Understanding how manipulation works
  • Subtle tips on how can be more persuasive
  • The definition of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • How to apply EQ when it comes to leadership
  • And much more...

If you or your loved one has suffered in the hands of a manipulator recently or is living through a nightmare in the hands of a mind-controlling freak, this is a book you want to read. If you want to achieve success in a particular area and have been looking for the guidelines, this is the book that breaks it down for you.

Dark psychology has been a mystery to many people for a long time. However, more people are learning how to apply the techniques; thus, it is better if you stay among the informed.

The very same techniques that have been used against you for years, you can now flip the switch on -- master these tactics and truly manifest everything you've ever wanted in life.

It's not rocket science; these are simple methods of speech patterns and body language that anyone can utilize for ultimate success

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ISBN: 9781998769544
ISBN-10: 1998769542
Publisher: John Kembrey
Publication Date: December 1st, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English