Last Days: of "Traditional Journalism" (Paperback)

Last Days: of
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What was "Traditional Journalism"?

It was the days when print journalism dominated the news cycle, when readers became "glued" to their morning or afternoon newspaper. God was moving... and so were "Traditional Journalists."

- Who wouldn't want to witness... the wheels of government and justice moving, whether in County Commission, Board of Education, or Federal Court proceedings lasting weeks-and you had a ringside seat?

- Who wouldn't want to rush... to the scene of a nighttime grocery store robbery only to find, along with police swarming into the back portion of that store, the butcher strapped to a chair, trying not to move from where-and how-his assailants left him?

- Who wouldn't want to sit... in the inner sanctum of an Alabama governor as he fought legislatively in the "city of compromise," passing bills worth watching on the Senate/House doors... or the night before the real passage, in the backroom of a chicken shack "off campus"?

- Who wouldn't want to "just hold on "... standing between the front seats of driver and passenger in an ambulance on Halloween night-racing to the

scene of some bizarre "full moon" births, robberies, res, or even murders born of domestic troubles?

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ISBN: 9798890410276
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2023
Pages: 126
Language: English