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Chaucer on Screen: Absence, Presence, and Adapting the Canterbury Tales (Interventions: New Studies Medieval Cult) Cover Image
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The Television Code: Regulating the Screen to Safeguard the Industry Cover Image
Special Order
The Broadcasters of BBC Wales 1964-1990 Cover Image
Special Order
Reading Contemporary Serial Television Universes: A Narrative Ecosystem Framework Cover Image
By Paola Brembilla (Editor), Ilaria A. de Pascalis (Editor)
Special Order
Beyond the Black and White TV: Asian and Latin American Spectacle in Cold War America Cover Image
Special Order
Those Were the Days: Why All in the Family Still Matters Cover Image
Special Order
I'm Buffy and You're History: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Contemporary Feminism (Investigating Cult TV) Cover Image
Special Order
Being Bionic: The World of TV Cyborgs (Investigating Cult TV) Cover Image
Special Order
The Sesame Effect: The Global Impact of the Longest Street in the World Cover Image
By Charlotte F. Cole (Editor), June H. Lee (Editor)
Special Order
Film and Television Genres of the Late Soviet Era Cover Image
Special Order
Dashing, Daring, and Debonair: Tv's Top Male Icons from the 50s, 60s, and 70s Cover Image
By Herbie J. Pilato, Adam West (Foreword by), Joel Eisenberg (Preface by)
Special Order
Doctor Who: A History Cover Image
Special Order