Donation Requests

Donation Requests

We appreciate that you'd like us to donate to your fundraising event. Valley Bookseller is your independent, locally-owned community bookstore. We rely on our local customers to shop at our store so we can stay open, pay the bills, and pay our employees. If the community supports us, we can in turn support you.

Please review the following in lieu of dropping off materials or calling while we are busy with customers who are shopping in the store:

We do not make donations to individuals or families, for-profit businesses, or organizations outside the Stillwater area. Our first priority is giving to organizations promoting writing and literacy, especially children's literacy and the fine arts, and we believe in supporting the non-profit organizations, groups, and causes that our customers support.

Procedure for Securing a Donation

1. Decide on the type of donation you would like to receive 

    a. Gift card - typical gift card donations are $10-$25

    b. Community night - held after regular store hours, and 20% of sales will be donated to your fundraiser. Valley Bookseller provides the staff and you and your organization promote the event.

    c. Sponsorship - reserved for large, collaborative community events

2. Email Gretchen West at with the following information

    a. Your name and email address

    b. Your organization's name and its mission

    c. Description and date of event

    d. Your specific donation request

     f. Tell us about your last visit to Valley Bookseller

    g. Are you a Lifetime Member at our store?

3. Await confirmation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Please understand that we are a small business with a limited budget and get many donation requests each month. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks, we have chosen not to participate in your fundraiser.