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Donation Requests


Valley Bookseller is committed to giving back to the literary and arts community. Please understand we receive numerous donation requests and are unable to fulfill them all.

Requests must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event. We do not accept email or phone requests. Donations will be in the form of books or gift cards and at the discretion of Valley Bookseller. A non-profit can receive only one donation per year. 

A donation request on non-profit letterhead must include:      

1. Tax ID number

2. how the donation will be used                                                

3. when the donation is needed                                                        

4. email contact 

We do not consider requests for the following:                          

- Sport sponsorships, pageants, etc.                                              

- Catastrophic health and financial needs                                   

- Fraternal, political or labor organizations                                  

- Advertising for school yearbooks, church programs, etc.

As a small business we must abide by our personal, professional and legal guidelines. Thank you for your understanding.

You will be notified by email if your request has been approved.