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Conversation with Judith Stern and Karen Olson Johnson

07/10/2016 - 2:00pm

Join us for a very special Sunday afternoon in conversation with authors Judith Stern (Teachings From Mother Earth Books One, Two and Three) and Karen Olson Johnson (Common Sense for the Common Good and From Where I See It). Topics are sure to include but aren't limited to: intuition, Native American wisdom, spirituality, sustainability and care for this planet and the people on it.

Judith Carol Stern was born in Robbinsdale and now resides in Marine on St. Croix. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with majors in American Indian Studies (Ojibwe Language) and Applied Arts. As described in the Country Messenger Newspaper, Judy Stern isn’t sticking to one genre, in life or literature. She’s been a mother, student, gallery owner, clothing designer, shopkeeper, teacher. And now she’s the author of a trio of literary journals that make up a series, Teachings from Mother Earth. Part lived experience, part history lesson, part acquired wisdom, the books outline attitudes and perspectives Stern gained over a lifetime, following little but her intuition. The books are strongly influenced by decades of learning from American Indians about their traditional cultures. “We Euro-Westerners have more to learn about our world and how it ideally would be from the Indians than we have to teach them,” says Stern.

Karen Olson Johnson is an experienced educator who has worked on numerous national, state, and local science education projects. The early focal points of her career were the advancement of effective science education and the training of stellar science educators. She currently spends most of her time in writing and speaking. She is the author of two books, Common Sense for Common Good and From Where I See It, both about sustainability. Her second book is the winner of the Midwest Book Awards. Karen is the co-host of a weekly morning talk show on AM950 radio called Food Freedom Radio, which is a lively conversation about the issue that concerns all of us, namely the food we eat.

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