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Glenn Ickler, author of Fishing for a Killer

05/17/2015 - 2:00pm

Glenn is the author of A Carnival of Killing, Murder on the St. Croix, and A Killing Fair. Join us here at the store to hear about

his fourth book in the Mitch Mitchell series, Fishing for a Killer. 

As dawn breaks over Madrigal's Lodge on Gull Lake in northern Minnesota, a motorboat is seen running slowly in circles in the bay. Told that the boat has no occupants, St. Paul Daily Dispatch reporter Warren "Mitch" Mitchel and photographer Alan Jeffrey rush to the dock. The boat had been rented out by Alex Gordon, the governor's press secretary and an avid early-morning fisherman. Gordon's body is soon found by a dive team, and it appears that he accidentally fell overboard and drowned in the icy water. While the media await the results of an autopsy, Mitch and Al discover a mound of freshly dug earth and uncover a life jacket bearing Alex Gordon's initials. The autopsy report, along with the life jacket, forces the sheriff to open a homicide investigation. As the days wear on with no results, Mitch worries about being home in time for his wedding. The odds turn frighteningly against getting home at all when and Al meet Alex Gordon's killer.


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