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We Buy Used Books


We are always looking for high-quality, used books, both adult and children's. We only accept books in paperback, except for children’s picture books, which we accept in both paperback and hardcover.

The books must be in good condition. As a general rule, we only take paperback books that were published in the last five years. We do not accept books that have highlighting, underlining, writing, water damage, visible mold, smoke or musty smells.

We pay 10% of the cover price for used books in the form of a Valley Bookseller gift card. For example, a customer brings in three paperbacks, each with a cover price of $16. The customer receives store credit of $4.80 (10% of $16 = $1.60 x  3 = $4.80) on a store gift card.

There may be books that we cannot accept. This may be because of their condition, or because we already have multiple copies of the particular title. We ask that you pick up these books as soon as possible after we contact you. We do not have space to store them for any length of time. 

Thank you!